We think that it's important for those connected with CYPRESS CHAPEL to have a neutral space to go to that isn't a worship service, weekly Home Gathering or DNA Group.  We want our community to see and relate to Christians in a natural and relaxed environment.  They need to feel that your group really enjoys being together.

In a similar way, in CYPRESS CHAPEL we need to be invested in a THIRD PLACE as a way to cultivate our mission together as a community. The key to a THIRD PLACE is that we are intentionally creating a place for our unchurched friends to become a part of our community. Some of these opportunities include: participating in story time at the local library, organizing game nights at their homes, being involved in your neighborhood HOA, PTO, or youth sports leagues. 

A community that they can belong to before they believe so that they may hear the gospel from our lips, see it changing our lives and believe in Jesus as he moves in them.