dna Groups

To dig deep and seek out answers to some harder questions about God and our walk as Christians, we're encouraging individuals to join a DNA GROUP.  These are smaller groups of believers (3-5) of the same gender that commit to meeting outside of the home gathering time, usually weekly or bi-weekly for an hour to focus on: 

  1. Discover: Hear from God's Word and obey what you have learned, following the BIBLE READING PLAN.
  2. Nurture: Repent of sin and believe the gospel.
  3. Act: Consider opportunities we have to share Christ and pray by name for lost people.

Each gathering will center on the "5 QUESTIONS" as put together by Greg Finke of Dwelling 1:14

  1. How did you see God at work in your life this week?
  2. What has God been teaching you in His word?
  3. What kind of conversations are you having with pre-Christians?
  4. What good can we do around here?
  5. How can we help you in prayer?

DNA GROUPS are currently meeting weekly. 

Women's Groups: Tuesday (9:30am), Wednesday (8pm),  & Thursday (9:30am)

Men's Groups: Wednesday (8pm), Saturday (9am)

If you would like to join a DNA GROUP, contact PASTOR STEPHEN DEMIK.