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Joshua & the Israelites

READ ABOUT IT: Joshua 6-7


In just a short period of time, Joshua's new leadership as commanding officer of the Israelites was already meeting mission goals. He bolstered the troops by sending in spies to Jericho and finding out key information about the city. He helped lead the Israelites over the Jordan River, and God stopped the water as they walked through on dry ground. 

In their first significant battle, the Israelites would be successful defeating the city of Jericho, despite some rather strange tactics. (No other battles in history were won with circling the enemy, blowing rams horns and yelling; although Gideon leading 300 men with trumpets, torches and broken jars against Midian is also a crazy one!)

Joshua and the Israelites can clearly see that with God, they are unstoppable. They can find success at every turn, as long as they have God leading the way. The only problem is that they immediately go from Jericho and move on to a city called Ai...and lose badly.

Why? Well, for one reason, God didn't tell them to fight Ai (yet...that happens in chapter 8). They took it upon themselves to move on to the next challenge, even though God wasn't with them.


We probably run into this same problem today. We think that God is with us: we move forward on a new opportunity, making a very rushed decision. In our high-tech, me-first, no-wait society, we can do this a lot. 

Think about how many years many of the people in the Bible need to wait. For some, it's many seasons (< year). For others, it's decades. And for many more, they may not even see it in their lifetime, or the lifetime of their kids, or their grandkids. 

Wait on God. If you're asking Him something today in your prayers, be patient. Let Him answer, not only according to His will, but also according to His timing. That's why we pray, after all! To be led and blessed by Him. That's what a good Father does. 


God, thank you for keeping your promise to us, that you would love us and answer our prayers. Help us to be patient and wait for your answer. In Jesus' name, amen.

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Studying God's Word is a lifelong endeavor as we learn more about the one who created, redeemed, and sanctifies us. We want to encourage families to grow together in their faith along this journey. 

Sharefaith Kids has some great resources that CC families are welcome to enjoy. Check out this week's story and the devotion that is available to you!

Acts 3 | Peter Heals the Lame Beggar

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A Note for Parents

Children are a gift from the Lord. The psalmist writes, "Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him" (Psalm 127:3). If you read this entire psalm, it speaks of the blessings God provides--home, security, food, and children. In particular, children are referred to as a heritage--gifts not possessions. And entrusted with these gifts, parents become stewards. 

What an awesome responsibility to nurture--to feed, nourish, sustain, maintain, cherish, and provide for these gifts from God. As parents provide for their material needs, it is essential that we also take into consideration their spiritual needs. It is indeed the work of the Holy Spirit to plant faith in the hearts of our children and to cause that faith to grow. But it is also an awesome privilege to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit, to hear the splash of baptismal water, and to trust in God's loving care and direction for our children as they grow. 

This note today is taken from the Arch Book Baby Jesus Visits the Temple by Alice Earnheart Maas.


Each week, CYPRESS CHAPEL will provide you with a devotion to center additional thoughts around the lesson that was offered on Sunday.  You may want to return to some of these devotions throughout the year, or even share them with friends. 

Why are family devotions important? In recent years the responsibility to raise a child in the faith has been placed on the church (staff, programs, events); today we are seeing a steady decline in regular church membership as a result of this trend. The hope of CYPRESS CHAPEL is that parents and kids are able to openly talk about their faith with each other.