worship at creekwood grill with Cypress chapel

SUndays | 9:30am

When you walk into WORSHIP at CYPRESS CHAPEL you will experience a gathering that is accessible, relevant, welcoming and most importantly that honors, thanks and praises our Heavenly King. Some key characteristics include:

  • Worship and praise
  • Relevant and engaging songs
  • Elements for young minds/kids (more info here)
  • Sensitive to time constraints

Creekwood Grill | 12710 Telge Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

Home Gatherings & DNA

For us as missional communities (25-40 people), the driving force of what we're after in our primary meeting time is behaving like a family in a HOME GATHERING.  Our current HOME GATHERINGS meet on Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening.

To dig deep and seek out answers to some harder questions about God and our walk as Christians, we're encouraging individuals to join a DNA GROUP.  These are smaller groups of believers (3-5) of the same gender that commit to meeting outside of the home gathering time: 

Women's Groups: Monday (8:30pm), Wednesday (8pm), Thursday (9:30am), Saturday (9am)

Men's Groups: Wednesday (8pm), Saturday (8am)

Upcoming Events

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...